More About Me

Being born and raised in Sonoma County, I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to make this beautiful area my family's home.  I have lived here my entire life and am happy to say that I understand all of the little differences in the many different neighborhoods that our area has, providing a special, perfect place for each and every person to love.  I appreciate every opportunity that I am afforded to help to find those places for all of my clients, family, and friends in this amazing community.

From a young age, I worked in a family-owned jewelry business learning to work with people helping them to find that special piece that was going to make them or someone else very happy.  That feeling is what I carry into my Real Estate carrer with a fun and straight forward approach.  I help to make the process of buying or selling as simple and stress free as possible while making sure that the little important details that matter most are taken with consideration and care.  Happiness, for me, is best felt when helping others.

 I have a fairly extensive background in construction and building as well.  I have personally built and been involved in all aspects of building and remodeling homes. This, I believe, is extremely helpful, and can be crucial in finding homes and answering some of the more difficult questions that can be involved when buying or selling a home.  When it comes to getting your home sold or purchasing at the right price, knowing your area and the people in your community are paramount,  that is what makes this career fun and exciting for me and I feel happy to say that those points are strengths of mine.  I hope to help you with your real estate ventures and provide the unparalleled level of quality and commitment that W Real Estate exemplifies. 

When I'm not working I love all types of exercise and being outside.  I am the most proud and happy father and husband that I could imagine one ever being and my amazing, strong, and beautiful wife and daughters make my every day a blessing for me.